Websites are as Important as Ever

There is no question that, with the advent of digital marketing and much more efficient traditional media industries, our ability to communicate messages to large groups of people is stronger than ever. Utilizing a “marketing mix” can prove to be an extremely effective way to cast a wide net and ensure that your message reaches as many people as possible. A multi-faceted marketing campaign, however, can sometimes lead to an inconsistent and diluted experience for your customers.

The risk of being spread too thin is oftentimes reason enough for a campaign to narrow their efforts down to one or two controllable channels. An easy solution to that, however, is to use your website as a “base of operations” through which you drive all of your marketing traffic. After creating a central landing page, it is very simple to add a link to any post, email, printed piece etc. Not only does a central website give you the ability to display more in-depth information, but it also gives you the opportunity to more closely track and analyze your traffic.

Fully Customizable

Unlike third-party digital marketing outlets, your website is something over which you have complete control. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, while having access to a large group of customers, can be very restrictive on what you can share based on text limits, image sizes, etc. Your website, on the other hand, is fully customizable, and can provide any amount of information that you feel is necessary. This is why many companies are using social media simply as a way to catch their customers’ attention, but ultimately driving traffic to their website where they provide a robust final product.



By driving traffic through your website, you give yourself much more analytical insight into what marketing techniques are working and why. Services like Google Analytics can provide you with information on how traffic is being driven to your website, and what they’re doing when they get there. Driving traffic through your website can give you an incredible amount of extremely valuable information on which marketing techniques are working, and which ones are failing.

Around the Clock Access

Your website is like an employee who works for you 24/7. Because someone can access your website at any time of day from nearly everywhere on the planet, it makes sense to spend time making it as effective and polished as possible. The more you strengthen it with quality content, the more likely it is to wind up on the search results of someone who is genuinely interested in your products or services. Clean up that quality content with an attractive design, and you’ll give yourself a great chance of converting that traffic in as a long-term customer.

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