PrepressThe pre-press department at Wells Print and Digital Services offers you more than you will find elsewhere. Whether your file is Mac or PC, our proven professionals are constantly on the lookout for things that could go wrong, oftentimes fixing problems that you (the customer) didn’t even know were there.

Wells Print and Digital Services’ full-service pre-press department is among the best in the business. Our seasoned professionals have been working with electronic files since 1982. Their equipment is state-of-the-art and they know how best to use it to produce the highest quality output. Whether it’s scanning, composition, file manipulation or a simple output, your project will have a finished look that just can’t be beat!

Despite the prevalence of desktop publishing programs, constant upgrades and improvements make it hard to keep up. When you work with the pre-press department at Wells Print and Digital Services, you get more than an output service. You get a group of dedicated individuals, willing to work with you to help you through the ever-changing world of desktop publishing. Our pre-press department has made a practice of communicating with the client. When a better way is found, they pass that information on to the client, which ultimately helps keep costs down.