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Direct mail has always been a source of marketing that can be easily measured. For some small businesses the cost of list purchases, postage, and mail processing is a deterrent from using this kind of marketing. Fortunately, as the post office’s workload continually changes it has begun to offer promotions and discounts to lower the cost of direct mail. In the past, saturation mailings were only offered to government entities and municipalities, however, the post office recently opened them up to businesses. The USPS now offers a program called Every Door Direct Mail, EDDM for short, and is reducing the costs of direct mail for businesses all over the country.

The Rules

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EDDM uses the same concept as a saturation mailing. The person in charge of the mailing can choose zip codes and carrier routes/rural routes to target. There are great opportunities for businesses to hit specific neighborhoods that hold the most potential customers. Additionally, businesses can cross sell by only mailing to other businesses’ PO boxes and physical addresses.

An EDDM mailing piece needs to mail at a flat size which measures from 6.125” x 11.5” to 12” x 15”. Your printer will probably recommend mailing an oversized postcard or a fold-over newsletter-style piece. The piece will not be addressed – it should read Postal Customer on the mailing panel. This method will allow the post office carrier to deliver to “every door” in the chosen areas.

Costs Involved

For a saturation mailing, postage is usually around 14-16¢, much lower than that of a standard direct mail campaign. Another cost reduction factor to consider is that a prospect list does not need to be purchased. Lists can range from $150-$500, depending on the areas and demographics included.

In addition to these savings, your commercial printer will just need to sort and bundle the printed mailers before they mail. This takes out some of the costs involved with mail processing. With these economies in place, a saturation mailing’s return on investment has the potential to be as large as the marketing idea that inspires it.

Try it Out!

If you have ever considered a direct mail project, now is the time to revisit print and mail price estimates. Postage, mail processing, and printing costs have not been lower in recent memory. Have a conversation with your print rep about saturation mailings or check out this link to learn more about EDDM on your own –

-Dan Dettman

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