Envelope Guide

This standard commercial envelope is perfect for any use. Ideal for mailing letters, checks, bank statements, invoices, brochures, etc. This envelope accommodates an 8.5 x 11 sheet folded in thirds.

The 9 regular envelope is one of our most popular commercial-sized envelopes available. It is commonly used for a reply envelope that can be sent along inside a #10 for your recipients to use to mail something back to you.

A standard reply envelope with a commercial flap. Insertable into a standard #10 envelope.

A special kind of reply envelope used in fundraising, money collection, charity donations, it has an inner pocket to hold cash or a check, and if printed as such, the envelope itself can double as an order form.

Designed to accommodate a quarter-folded sheet of paper, the A2 envelope is just the right dimension for homemade greeting or holiday cards, and letter writers. The A2 envelope is a social and invitation-type envelope; it is also a popular size typically used for RSVP and announcements while fitting in other A-size envelopes.

When you’re looking for the ideal envelope to send your cherished photos in, consider the A6 style , spacious enough to accommodate multiple 4″ x 6″ photos or a card. The A6 envelope is a versatile style, appropriate for social and announcement usage; may be used as an outer or inner envelope for invitation purposes. The the A6 envelope fits inside envelope sizes A7, A8, A9 and A10.

Who doesn’t love sharing their favorite photos with friends & family? Now you can – with the A7 type envelope , you can send your 5 x 7″ pictures or cards anytime. The A7 style is a multipurpose envelope, ideal for social and announcement functions; it may also be utilized as an outer envelope for invitation purposes. The A7 envelope fits inside envelope sizes A8, A9, A10.