Mixed Marketing

Social media, search engine optimization, and other digital marketing efforts can serve as a great way to raise awareness and develop your brand. Studies have shown, however, that these methods prove to be drastically less effective when they stand alone in your marketing campaign, as opposed to those campaign utilizing mixed marketing. By utilizing an array of marketing mediums will not only cast a wider net, but it will help you reach a more meaningful and useful audience.

A well organized marketing campaign should rely on linking different marketing methods to one another. For example, a strong website or a detailed catalog may not be incredibly useful when used by themselves, but together their combined message is far more likely to lead to a sale, donation, or some other form of engagement. A study by the United States Postal Service found that websites supported by catalogs yield 163% more revenue than those not supported by catalogs.

Another great example of how mixed marketing can be incredibly useful is by combining direct mailings with other marketing activities. Studies show that digital marketing techniques (such as a social media campaign) increase their campaign payback by up to 20% when teamed up with direct mail. By driving customers from one medium to another is a great way to promote engagement in your marketing campaign.

So in a time when it is easy to assume that paperless means more streamlined/efficient, don’t forget about the effectiveness of diversifying. Marketing from different angles and encourage people to move from one medium to another can be a great way to make your marketing campaign stick.

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