Look for the Union Label

There are plenty of reasons why someone might want their products to be produced by union workers. Solidarity, others may, and many simply believe in the skill and quality of a union employee. Regardless of your reasoning, the printing industry has a way of certifying when a product is produced by a union printing company.

Description of the Allied Printing Trades Council "Union Bug"

If you take some time to analyze a piece of printed material, you might happen to stumble upon what is commonly referred to as a “union bug.” While it may not always be prominently displayed, the union bug makes a huge statement about where that printing piece came from. Only companies that are recognized by the Allied Printing Trades Council are allowed to put this union label on their products. Using it without their permission is illegal.

When the Allied Printing Trades Council deems that a printing company practices responsible labor-management and gives its employees decent wages and benefits, they accredit that company under their label. Each printer in the Allied Printing Trades Council is given the right to use the “union bug” with their own personalized number so that each piece can be identified to a specific company.

So be sure to check out different printed products you might get your hands on (brochures, business cards, letterheads, booklets, etc) to see if it was produced with union labor. If it has an Allied Printing Trades Council label with a number 4 next to it, then you know it was made by the skilled union-represented employees at Wells Print & Digital Services! 

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