Greener Than You Think

In many ways, “going green” is becoming one of the pillars of the new age of business. Companies are shedding deep histories of business practices in an effort to decrease the impact they leave on our environment. While this shared environmental consciousness can be wonderful, it is important that we move forward with a well-informed and reasonable mindset.

One glaring example of this would be the notion that using paper kills trees. Somewhere along the line, people got the idea that, unless we drastically scale back what we print, the paper industry is going decimate every last remaining tree so that we can supply the world with enough paper.

The reality is, however, that almost all of the trees used for paper production come from well-managed forests or farms. In most cases, these farms plant three to four times more trees than they harvest. If you simply look at the numbers the United States actually has 20% more trees than it did on the first Earth Day in 1970. That having been said, remaining aware of your environmental impact is paramount to the sustainability of our planet. We must still continue to challenge our current systems so that we may continually strive for a better and more sustainable future. It is this attitude that has brought the printing and paper industries to the environmentally conscious and sustainable place that they are today.

-Nate Schorr

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