Find Your Social Media Niche

Managing the social media efforts for a business or organization can be an overwhelming process. As the field continues to grow as a viable marketing technique, we’re constantly being introduced with new platforms that allow us to connect with our customers. How do we find the time to regularly post  on our Facebook feed, monitor our Twitter accounts, pin to our boards on Pinterest, and post to Google Plus with meaningful and effective content on a regular basis? The answer to that question may just be that, in the world of social media, less is more.

In the world of digital marketing, content is king. Having something meaningful and interesting to say can prove to be more effective in bringing in prospective customers than tapping into a specific series demographics through a network of social media platforms. This is not to say, however, that you should neglect all other forms of social media other than what you already use. What we’re saying is that you might find it more effective to find out which platforms you’re most comfortable with, and focus on developing meaningful and captivating content specifically for those mediums. Trying to dilute your attention across a wide array of platforms may end up doing damage to your brand by not projecting high-quality content.

Stretching yourself too thin can actually do significant damage to your social brand down the road. For example, Facebook uses an algorithm called EdgeRank to help determine what to display in a users News Feed based on what they typically like to look at and interact with. If your brand page is consistently pushing out content that is not engaging, this algorithm will determine that your fans are not interested in your page, and therefore your content is less likely to appear on their News Feed in the future.

So when it comes to social media management, remember that its important to focus on quality, not quantity. If you’re posting quality content, you are more likely to make your voice heard.

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